The MEB wishes to ensure that everyone can make good use of all the information on this website. We therefore pay a great deal of attention to user-friendliness, accessibility, and findability.

How do we work to ensure accessibility?

The MEB implements ongoing improvements in accessibility through a variety of measures within the framework of our (day-to-day) processes:

  • Accessibility ‘by design’: from the very start, accessibility is integrated into all the steps of the design, construction, and editing process for our website. Within that context, we also focus specifically on user-friendliness and findability.
  • Accessibility evaluations: independent experts regularly evaluate (parts of) the website from the perspective of accessibility. We resolve any bottlenecks or obstacles identified in a sustainable manner.
  • Employee knowledge base: our employees regularly update their knowledge with regard to accessibility and apply new insights when necessary.

Reporting accessibility issues

Do you have any questions or comments? Or do you wish to make use of a page on this website that turns out not to be accessible? Then please contact us.

Overview of MEB accessibility statements

You can view accessibility statements that fall within the jurisdiction of the MEB in the registry of accessibility statements (in Dutch).

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