The Medicines Evaluation Board (MEB) has arrived at a point where its scientific agenda for the coming years is ready to be launched. Our eye is focused on Europe and, even further, on International collaboration at the level of regulatory science. The roadmap towards this collaboration starts with taking responsibility in the governance of a regulatory science network in The Netherlands (RSNN), and strengthen knowledge and competence between regulators, academia and industry.

Science is the driver behind nearly everything that the MEB does. Science resonates in the assessment of medicine dossiers, in the decision whether a medicine should be granted a marketing authorisation, how medicine safety can best be monitored, and how medicines will ultimately be used in practice.

Facts & figures

To put some figures in place, from 2013-2017, the Regulatory Science programme brought about 220 scientific publications in peer reviewed scientific journals and delivered 18 PhD theses in close collaboration with the Dutch universities.

The shorthand summarises the MEB’s regulatory science achievements, and presents topics for the near future.

Scientific publications in peer-reviewed magazines
Scientific publications
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Number of doctorates completed annually
Number of doctorates completed annually
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