Abstract deadline 10 June 2019 – DIA Euro Meeting 2020

The DIA is a global association that mobilises life science professionals from industry, payers, patients and regulators together in a neutral forum to discuss current issues regarding drug development. The DIA Euro Meeting 2020 is held in Brussels on 17-19 March 2020. For the upcoming meeting the idea is to have focused regulatory science sessions, and to provide especially a platform for PhD students to present their research in regulatory science. The abstract deadline for this meeting is 10th of June of 2019.

Abstract deadline 8 July 2019 – FIGON Dutch Medicines Days 2019

The Dutch Medicines Days is the annual conference of the Federation for Innovative Drug Research Netherlands (FIGON) where partners from Industry, Institutes and Government can present their findings, share new scientific content and strengthen their network. The FIGON Dutch Medicines Days are this year organised in Leiden on 23-24 September 2019. The abstract deadline for this meeting is 8th of July 2019.