During this year's MEB Science Day, several speakers shared their views on how to move academic drug development forward. Here we share the presentations, for which the speakers cordially gave their permission to share them:

Strengthening Training for Academia in Regulatory Science (STARS) Project: The road so far

  • Dr. Viktoriia Starokozhko, clinical assessor MEB and STARS project member

Scientific Advice (European and National): Support along the way

  • Dr. Marjon Pasmooij, science programme manager MEB and STARS project member

Academic Pharma: Team work

  • Prof. Teun van Gelder, Professor in Clinical Pharmacology, Drug Discovery and Drug Development, Leiden University Medical Center

Orphan drugs and the road to patient access

  • Prof. Carla Hollak, Professor of Metabolic Diseases, in particular Inborn Errors of Metabolism, Amsterdam University Medical Center

Public investments for future affordable and sustainable therapies

  • Dr. Saco de Visser, intended director FAST

Efficiency gains through innovation in medicines development: How can science contribute, and how can stakeholders be aligned? A KNAW perspective

  • Prof. Jaap Verweij, Emeritus Professor of Medical Oncology, Erasmus University Medical Centre, Managing Director Cancer Drug Development Forum

Regulatory science: a critical success factor of academic drug innovation

  • Prof. Bert Leufkens, Emeritus Professor in Drug Regulatory Science, University Utrecht